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Companies to present at 2018 Ag Innovation Showcase span “Farm to Plate”

By On August 1, 2018

Continuing the Ag Innovation Showcase tradition of showcasing innovations with both commercial potential and positive environmental impact, we announce 11 North American presenters.  Three additional companies from Asia and South America will… Read More

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When It Comes To Food, Technology Is Changing The Game

By On August 16, 2013

Today’s growing population has strained the world’s dwindling food sources. Now, food security will most certainly stem from novel technology solutions from across the globe. For five years, the Ag Innovation Showcase… Read More


Presenter Applications are Open! Calling Ag-Tech Start Ups and Researchers

By On June 6, 2012

A central part of every Ag Innovation Showcase is the business presentations from emerging Ag entrepreneurs.  Many past presenters have gone on to see considerable success following the Showcase including SG Biofuels,… Read More