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Recap of Ag Innovation Showcase 2017, St. Louis

By November 8, 2017 Ag Issues, Updates
AG Innovations 9/12/2017

AG Innovations 9/12/2017

At Ag Innovation Showcase this past September, 22 companies presented their innovations to a crowd of investors and established Ag professionals.

The predecessor to Ag Showcase’s 10 year anniversary introduced a series of speakers such as Adrian Percy from BayerAg, discussed the future of AgTech, and encouraged college innovations with a University showcase.

Rohit Shukla, CEO of Larta Institute, covers more here.

Zasso: Do we need to fear “Peak Herbicide”?

By November 8, 2017 Ag Issues

The “peak oil” scenarios of the 1960s significantly facilitated the development of a more sustainable energy supply that is now suitably safe for our industrial societies. It also prepared us better for re¬acting to other external factors, such as the need for CO2-reduction due to global warming.

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Bonumose Featured on Food & Agriculture Innovators Podcast

By October 31, 2017 Companies

Bonumose PodcastEd Rogers, co-founder and CEO of Bonumose, a food ingredient technology company, was interviewed by Mike Betts for the Food & Agriculture Innovators podcast. The podcast interviews entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders around the world building technology to sustainably and profitably improve the global food system.

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Ag Innovation Showcase Advisor Launches an Agtech Startup

By October 19, 2017 Companies, Updates

sharon and Jeff plastomics
plastomics logo
 “The agriculture world is looking for technology to maintain the effectiveness of biotech crops because, in the face of climate change and all these other challenges, we have to maintain that high level of productivity,” said Sharon Berberich, ag industry veteran and Ag Innovation Showcase advisor, in an interview with Silicon Prairie News.

Sharon Berberich established a 25 year career for herself in AgTech with senior positions at Monsanto, DowAgrosciences, Danforth Science Center, and Kaiima and now she finds herself at the helm of Plastomics, a startup using chloroplast engineering to develop the next generation of high performing crops.

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SomaDetect Wins 1M Grand Prize from Pitch Competition

By October 19, 2017 Companies
(Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)

(Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)

SomaDetect, which provides dairy farmers with key milk quality indicators to identify diseases in cows and produce the best quality milk, has won the $1M Grand Prize Winner of 43North, a startup pitch competition.

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