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In Honor of Women’s Equality Day- Women Speakers of the 2018 Ag Showcase

By On August 29, 2018

We on the organizing team for Ag Innovation Showcase were struck by Land O’Lakes’ re-imagining of the classic nursery rhyme about “Old MacDonald”, into the “She-I-O” version to honor female farmers for… Read More

Ag Issues

New Horizons: Impact of Microbes on Plant Productivity

By On August 24, 2018

 According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the global estimates of the number of people who are chronically malnourished have increased to 815 million from 777 million… Read More


Ag Innovation Showcase 2018 Lineup of Speakers will Address Issues and Trends Across the Food Value System from “Farm to Plate”

By On July 3, 2018

Ag Innovation Showcase 2018 Lineup of Speakers will Address Issues and Trends across the Food Value System from Farm to Plate This year’s theme of Farm to Plate aims to foster connections… Read More


Celebrating the 10th Ag Innovation Showcase

By On April 12, 2018

 Innovations are disrupting the food supply chain beginning with farm inputs and continuing through to consumers to create a sustainable food system that will produce nutrition to feed the planet.   The 10th… Read More


DuPont Pioneer Launches Open Innovation to Expand Capacity to Solve Global Ag Problems

By On August 30, 2017

DuPont Pioneer, one of world’s largest agriculture companies, recently launched an Open Innovation program because, in the words of the company’s Mat Müller, Director of Business Development, and an Ag Innovation Showcase… Read More